Elxsi. is a 2-player dice-based board game. Players take turns rolling 4 dice and pair them up in any way they wish to decide which 2 tokens they can move on the board. All tokens on the board are neutral pieces, not belonging to any player, and they start in the center of the board. Every token can be moved by either player, allowing players to move tokens towards their side of the board and away from the opponent’s board. The players’ goal is to move a total of 3 tokens to their end of the board.

Players can use action cards to modify the dice value, allowing them more control over which tokens they can move. These action cards can also be used to foul the opponent’s tactics.

Project Details

Academic Project

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Class: Game Design (Dice Canyon Assignment)

My Contributions

Game Design

  • Designed core game mechanic
  • Designed action cards mechanics
    • 11 different cards total
  • Designed board layout
  • Designed look and feel of the board game
  • Game playtesting
    • Iterated through 4 versions
    • 11 playtests
  • Wrote rule sheet
  • Design entire product packaging and presentation