Insurrection is a 3rd-Person Shooter game which I conceptualized during my 2nd year in Nanyang Polytechnic for a 3D games project. The player assumes the role of a highly intelligent robot programmed to terminate rebels of the government. As the game progresses, it learns the ugly truth about the government it has been working for and decides to defect to the rebel forces and fight for them instead.

Project Details

Academic Project

School: Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

Class: 3D Game Development

My Contributions

Game Design

  • Designed game look and feel
  • Designed core player mechanics
  • Designed AI mechanics
  • Designed GUI
  • Wrote narrative and conversations
  • Level Design

Gameplay Programming

  • A.I.
  • Terrain generation
  • Shooting/damage system
  • In-game GUI

3D Art

  • Player character model
  • Enemy character models

2D Art

  • In-game GUI
  • Menus