SPH Children e-Storybooks


The client was interested in digitalizing some of their already published print titles into interactive e-books to promote the habit of reading in children. With the rising trend of touch-screen mobile technology and the user-friendly operating system, the client chose the iPhone as the target platform.

A total of 8 titles were created:

  1. The Little Red Helicopter
  2. Pip’s Garden
  3. 10 Sleepless Sheep for Woolly Nights
  4. I Don’t Want Mei Mei anymore!
  5. The Star That Lost Its Light
  6. Rochee The Friendliest Cockroach
  7. The Bird Who Was Afraid Of Heights
  8. The Shepherd And His Cloud

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Project Details

Commercial Project

Client: Singapore Press Holdings Ltd


My Contributions

Sole Programmer

  • Created underlying framework for entire series
  • Worked on server elements to pull data regarding newly released e-storybooks

UI Design

  • Designed complete user interface