Garden of Eden


Garden of Eden is a cloud-based online multiplayer survival game that can be played on PC or iOS devices via streaming.  In G.O.E, you play as a survivor in a dystopian world and your goal is to simply survive. To do that, you have to roam the open world in search of food to stay alive and weapons to defend yourself against A.I. zombies as well as other players looking to pick you off for your equipment. The game features a permanent-death system where you have to start again with a new avatar if you die in-game.

This game was the result of a year-long media project in conjunction with a networking research I was working on in my undergraduate studies.

Project Details

Academic Project

School: National University of Singapore

My Contributions

Game Design

  • Designed core mechanics
    • Player movement
    • Shooting mechanic
    • Weapons and items
  • Designed entire game level
    • General world geometry
    • Town areas
    • Water features
    • Forests
  • Designed entire GUI
    • Main menu and in-game menu
    • In-game HUD
  • Designed inventory system

Gameplay Programming

  • Forest generation
  • GUI and menus
  • Chat system
  • In-game command prompt

Network Programming

  • Developed entire iOS client application
  • Stream latency-reduction using image colouring
    • reduction via HUD colouring
    • reduction via frame specific colouring