Sugar Rush



SugarRush is a cartoon themed, single player game where the player plays as a colony of ants supporting a brave ant that ventured into an anteater’s house to gather sugar cubes. The player has to rotate the table to help the ant dodge kitchen utensils being thrown at him by the anteater. At the same time, the player can enter bullet time to dodge the anteater’s tongue.


This game was created for the XBox Kinect platform during Round 1 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center. The entire game was created in 2 weeks.


Project Details


Academic Project

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Class: Building Virtual Worlds (Round 1)


My Contributions

Game Design

  • Designed core table rotation mechanic
  • Designed boss mechanics
  • Designed slow-motion event mechanic
  • Level Design

Gameplay Programming

  • In-game audio
  • Aided in debugging and polishing of code

Sound Design

  • Environment soundscape
  • All character voiceovers
  • Sound effects