Two-Headed Ogre


Two-Headed Ogre is a two player co-operative game where each player plays as one head, one arm and one leg of a two-headed ogre. They have different abilities, see different things and thus have to work together to overcome the challenges they encounter on their journey to find the magical wishing well.

This game was created in Unity for the Oculus Rift and PlayStation Move platforms with Phidgets with pressure plates during Round 5 of Building Virtual Worlds (Festival Round) at the Entertainment Technology Center. The entire experience was created in 3 weeks.

Project Details

Academic Project

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Class: Building Virtual Worlds (Round 5: Festival Round)

My Contributions

Game Design

  • Designed core mechanics
    • Vision impairments between ogre heads
    • Weapon mechanics for both hands
    • Cooperative walking mechanics
  • Designed entire game level
    • All 3 puzzle areas
    • Enemy placements
    • Arena event
  • Designed game narrative
    • Game story
    • Talking Wand conversations

Gameplay Programming

  • Scripted every in-game event
    • Walking and weapon tutorial
    • 2 puzzle doors
    • Arena puzzle event
  • Cooperative movement mechanics
  • Vision impairment mechanics
  • Talking Wand conversations and animation
  • Environment
    • Waterfall and trees
    • Terrain texturing

Sound Design

  • Environment soundscape
  • All in-game voices

Two-Headed Ogre was on display in the BVW Festival 2013!