What Killed the Butler?


What Killed the Butler? is a detective themed interactive story game which allows players to enter a virtual room and interact with live actors to solve a mystery.

This game was created for the Cave platform during Round 4 of Building Virtual Worlds (Story Round) at the Entertainment Technology Center. The experience was created in 3 weeks and was completely improvised with a naive guest. The guest had no idea what they were stepping into and the performers had no idea what the guests would do.

Project Details

Academic Project

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Class: Building Virtual Worlds (Round 4: Story Round)

My Contributions

Game Design

  • Designed game narrative (team effort)
    • Story development through many iterations
    • Making interactive game objects in the world served the narrative
    • Wrote actors’ scripts

Sound Design

  • Environment soundscape
  • Object sound


  • Acted as the dead butler, Ducksworth

What Killed the Butler? was on display in the BVW Festival 2013!